EITM Certification: A New Way to Prepare for the EITM Summer Institute

Past participants report that fully appreciating the advantages offered by participation in an EITM Summer Institute requires some degree of graduate training in both statistical methods and formal modeling. With these requirements in mind, students attending the ICPSR Summer Program may obtain EITM Certification for coursework successfully completed in Introduction to Game Theory and/or Regression Analysis II. Completing at least one of these courses or any other courses from the list below suffices. Obtaining certification in 2020 will also require that a student obtains an A- or better in their coursework. At the time of course selection, the ICPSR Summer Program participant requests a letter grade for an EITM certified course. The Summer Program staff will forward letter grades to the EITM Leadership, and applicants will receive an email notification of their certification status in the fall.

ICPSR Summer Program

2020 EITM-Certified Courses

Please direct all inquiries about EITM Certification to eitm@eitminstitute.org.

First Session (June 22-July 17)

Bayesian Modeling for the Social Sciences I: Introduction and Application
Empirical Modeling of Social Science Theory: Advanced Topics
Machine Learning: Applications in Social Science Research
Maximum Likelihood Estimation I: Generalized Linear Models
Multilevel Models: Introduction and Application
Multivariate Statistical Methods: Advanced Topics
Network Analysis I: Introduction
Rational Choice Theories of Politics and Society
Regression Analysis II: Linear Models
Regression Analysis III: Advanced Methods
Measurement, Scaling and Dimensional Analysis
Time Series Analysis I: Introduction
Second Session (July 20-August 14)

Bayesian Modeling for for the Social Sciences II: Advanced Topics
Categorical Data Analysis
Causal Inference for the Social Sciences
Data Science and Text Analysis
Game Theory
Longitudinal Analysis
Maximum Likelihood Estimation II: Advanced Topics
Multilevel Models II: Advanced Topics
Network Analysis II: Advanced Topics
Race, Ethnicity, and Quantitative Methodology II
Regression Analysis II: Linear Models
Simultaneous Equations Models
Social Choice Theory
Statistics and Data Analysis II: The Basics of Regression
Structural Equation Models with Latent Variables
Time Series Analysis II: Advanced Topics

List of EITM Certification Recipients, 2011-2018