EITM Alumni Conference

The EITM Alumni Conference is a whole-day event that is designed to showcase the accomplishments of alumni. The main purposes of the EITM Alumni Conference are:

The EITM Alumni Conference will be on Friday, April 12, from 8:00AM to 5:45PM and will consist of four panels featuring EITM PIs, instructors, mentoring faculty in residence (MFRs), and students. The program page lists the panel details along with the abstracts for the panel presentations. Each panel will feature five alumni papers, and current and former EITM PIs and other alumni will act as chairs and discussants. The panels are a featured part of the MPSA 2013 conference program.

We are excited about this opportunity to showcase the accomplishments of EITM alumni in a context where we can exchange ideas and develop new insights.

We hope to see you at the conference.

Event Coordinators

Alexandra Cooper

Jill Wittrock

The conference organizers are grateful for support from the National Science Foundation (grant SES-0648205) which made this conference possible.

Visit our alumni page for more information on the current whereabouts of past EITM participants.