EITM Alumni Conference Program

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Panel 1: EITM Comparative

Chair:    John Aldrich, Duke University (PI 2002-2010, Director 2004 & 2008)

Papers:  Line Item Vetoes and the Presidential-Congressional Relations in Latin America

Presentation   Audio
Valeria Palanza, Catholic University of Chile (EITM student 2006)
Gisela Sin, University of Illinois (EITM student 2006)
The Veto as Electoral Stunt: EITM and a Test with Comparative Data
Presentation   Paper   Audio
Eric Magar, ITAM (EITM student 2002)
Electoral Manipulation as Bureaucratic Control    Presentation   Audio
Alberto Simpser, University of Chicago (EITM student 2005)
Scott Gehlbach, UW-Madison
Resources, Enforcement and Party Discipline under Candidate-Centered PR
Presentation   Audio
Monika Nalepa, University of Notre Dame (EITM student 2006, MFR 2012)
Royce Carroll, Rice University
Inequality, Labor Market Segmentation, and Preferences for Redistribution
Presentation   Paper   Audio
James Alt, Harvard University (PI 2002-2006, Director 2002)
Torben Iverson, Harvard University

Discussant: Kristopher Ramsay, Princeton University (EITM student 2002, MFR 2007, Instructor 2012)

Panel 2: EITM American

Chair:    Elisabeth Gerber, University of Michigan (co-PI 2006-2010, Director 2009)

Papers:  Words Get in the Way: The Effect of Deliberation in Collective Decision-Making

Presentation   Paper    Audio
Matias Iaryczower, Princeton University (Instructor 2011 & 2012)
Matthew Shum, California Institute of Technology
Xiaoxia Shi, UW-Madison
Women Don’t Run: Gender Differences in Candidate Entry   Presentation   Audio
Kristin Kanthak, University of Pittsburgh (MFR 2007)
Jonathan Woon, University of Pittsburgh (MFR 2010)
The Media and Bureaucratic Accountability   Presentation   Audio
Alex Ruder, Princeton University (EITM student 2010)

Discussants: Sean Gailmard, University of California, Berkeley (PI 2010-2015, Director 2010 & 2013)
Jesse Richman, Old Dominion University (EITM student 2002)

EITM Alumni Lunch & Keynote Presentation by Henry E. Brady  Audio
Invitation only

Panel 3: EITM International Relations

Chair:    Rob Franzese, University of Michigan (PI 2002-2006, Director 2003 & 2006)   Presentation

Papers:  Crisis Bargaining and Domestic Opposition  Presentation   Audio

Philip Arena, University of Buffalo, SUNY (EITM student 2008, MFR 2009 & 2010)
Periphery versus Periphery: The Origins of Separatist War
Presentation   Paper   Audio
Bethany Lacina, University of Rochester (MFR 2011)
Explaining 'Wars on Terrorism': Transnational Terrorism and U.S. Military Force
Presentation   Audio
Navin Bapat, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (EITM student 2003)
National Responses to Transnational Terrorism: Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Provision
Presentation   Paper   Audio
Thomas Jensen, University of Copenhagen (EITM student 2006)
Data Mining for Theorists   Presentation
Curtis Signorino, University of Rochester (Instructor 2003-04, 2010)
Brenton Kenkel, University of Rochester

Discussants: Faisal Ahmed, Nuffield College, Oxford University (EITM student 2009)   Presentation
Camber Warren, Naval Postgraduate School (EITM student 2004)   Presentation

Panel 4: EITM Evaluating Models

Chair:    Norman Schofield, Washington University (Instructor 2004)

Papers: Dynamic Political Distortions under Alternative Constitutional Settings

Presentation   Paper   Audio
Carlo Prato, Georgetown University (EITM student 2011)
Ruling by Statute
Presentation    Paper   Audio
Sebastian Saiegh, University of California, San Diego (MFR 2007)
Sequential Information Aggregation in Small Networks   Presentation   Audio
Elizabeth Maggie Penn, Washington University (EITM student 2002)
John W. Patty, Instructor 2010
Tax Competition and Income Inequality: Why did the Welfare State Survive?
Presentation   Audio
Thomas Plümper, University of Essex
Vera E. Troeger, University of Warwick (EITM student 2004, MFR 2008)

Discussants: Daniel Magleby, Duke University (EITM student 2008)
James Alt, Harvard University (PI 2002-2006, Director 2002)